Finding the truth can be tough...but it's worth it!

For full transparency, I will now provide the conditions under which each cereal is reviewed. The public can be assured that I take the highest precautions to ensure that each review is fair, balanced, and approached with a scientific-like accuracy only rivaled by scientists.

Each subject is reviewed multiple times (often 2) before a score is given. This is to avoid the "good day/bad day" emotional factor.

Scores ALWAYS reflect the subject's qualities when eaten in a bowl with milk. I DO NOT review cereals dry, unless noted (I do not eat cereal dry often because I hate having sticky hands!!!!).

Milk used in review is usually unsweetened soy milk, although unflavored oat will be substituted if the corner store is out of soy milk. Cow's milk is rare, but not unheard of. This is not a milk review resource.

Tastes, much like life, change. Thus, it is possible that scores will fluctuate post-publication after I've thought about it more or I eat more of the cereal and get kinda sick of it. I also reserve the right to dock points retroactively if I feel a company or individual has slighted me personally.